Long before Brad Kirr entered Tashkeel to orchestrate the circus of skateboarding in the lawns of the Dubai art center’s once serene backyard, B-Rad’s falcon-eye for lofty possibilities found him building ramps in an earlier stomping ground…


b-rad lay back lips as tamer and tanner take shisha rips. ca.2007
photo: evan collisson

The Mecca Ramp was legendary in Dubai as a sanctuary of skateboarding tucked into the garden of an Arabian Ranches home. It was spotted when I was playing a round of golf at Arabian Ranches. Far in the distance there was a mirage… A vision… Two quarterpipes discarded behind the wall of someone’s house. I drove the buggy up to the wall and jumped over leaving a note to the owner that I would gladly take their ramp off their hands. I got a call a couple hours later and a couple days later John Kehoe brought his truck and we rounded up the boys to move the ramp to my backyard. The ramp needed a lot of repairs to be skateable again so John and I went to work on it reviving the old lady into a brand new mini. The ramp had seen legendary sessions with such greats as Dave Duncan, Chris Senn, Tyler Hendley, Kenny Reed and many many others including all the local rippers and ranches boys. Bbq’s, beers, shisha and homeboy’s ripping all day long. It was a magical place with the backdrop of the Arabian Desert. Damn, I miss those days. Thanks everybody that ever dropped in and thrashed. May the Mecca Ramp live on forever in our hearts!

- Brad Kirr