‘Sparks’ was a Dubai spot that everyone met up at.. The go-to for all Deira sessions. Since learning of it’s deconstruction in recent years, we’re hoping to do a future article commemorating this Dubai legend, and while digging up images we found this one of Greg Jojo. It was some point during this time that someone had the bright idea to scrawl that line at the bottom of the ledge, probably inspired by the excessive plaster of pigeon poo caked on the ground. Either way, Dubai’s municipality had their hands full with this one. I was stoked to get a piece of that history on film and wanted to hear Greg’s take on the moment…


On a hot humid Dubai night we decided to have a round at our favorite marble spot ‘Sparks’ (r.i.p). What i love to do the most on a ledge is the one and only crooked grind, ‘specially that popping out feeling. And there is nothing better than a curved ledge to make you enjoy that feeling of the board pushing your feet even higher. Oh man i gotta get that feeling right now.


-Greg Jojo